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Friday, September 17, 2010

a chronological introduction to us : )

All because two Coondogs fell in love! ♥
This is my Redbone Coonhound "Susie"
God used something we both had a passion for to draw us together, and that was Coon hunting.

This is the dog that made it happen, My Redbone PR' Banjocreek's Little Sue & Jess' Plott hound PR' Roscoe P Coletrain, treed on a den tree in Tifton, GA 2007.


This was a favorite in out engagment pictures
before our wedding in 2008


the wedding party

beautiful decorations made by our friends and family who helped us tremendosly!

The ring

My Beautiful Mother and I!

My mother and Father

Jesse's Family, His father also Married us :)

My handsome Ring bearer, Rooster the cowdog!

wedding program

the ring bearer and I

The beautiful Royal Oaks Farm!

the pavillion reception

me and Daddy

Our Getaway car!


Whiddon Family said...

I'm so glad that y'all started a blog! The minute you left I had to run in here and check it out. Love the wallpaper by the way. ;)

See ya Sunday, Lord willing.

Love y'all!
Your sissy,

The Frich Family said...

Love the blog y'all! Great job!!!!